At Aastra Technology, we understand that finding the right talent is just the beginning. Ensuring that these individuals are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in your specific organizational environment is crucial. Our Hire-Train-Place method is designed to address this need comprehensively, delivering not just candidates, but fully trained professionals ready to make an immediate impact.

Customized Training

Tick Square Technical Training

In-depth, hands-on training in the latest technologies and tools relevant to your industry.

Tick Square Soft Skills Development
Training in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership to ensure well-rounded professionals.
Tick Square Industry-Specific Knowledge
Ensuring candidates are up-to-date with the latest industry standards, regulations, and best practices.

Permanent Placement

Tick Square Smooth Onboarding
Facilitating a seamless transition and onboarding process.
Tick Square Continuous Support
Offering ongoing support to both the candidates and the employer to ensure a successful integration.
Tick Square Retention Strategies
Implementing strategies to enhance employee satisfaction and retention, ensuring long-term commitment.

Here’s how it works


1.How does Aastratech implement the Hire-Train-Place methodology to bridge skill gaps and deploy qualified candidates efficiently?
The Hire - Train - Deploy method is a comprehensive approach to HR outsourcing. Aastratech hires candidates with potential, provides them with tailored training to meet specific business needs, and then deploys them within your organization. This ensures that you receive skilled professionals who are well-prepared to contribute effectively from day one.
2. What makes the Hire - Train - Place method different from traditional hiring practices?
Unlike traditional hiring, which often involves a lengthy search for fully qualified candidates, the Hire - Train - Place method focuses on hiring candidates with potential and then training them to meet specific client needs. This approach ensures a better fit for the role and a faster integration into the client’s team.
3. How do you measure the success and effectiveness of the Hire - Train - Place method in terms of candidate performance and organizational impact?
Candidates are selected through a rigorous recruitment process that includes evaluating their potential, aptitude, and cultural fit for the client's organization. We look for individuals who can quickly learn and adapt to new skills and environments.
4. What types of training programs are offered in the Hire - Train - Place method?
Our training programs are customized based on the client's specific needs and the industry standards. They include technical training, soft skills development, and industry-specific knowledge to ensure that candidates are fully prepared for their roles.
5. What industries and roles can the Hire - Train - Place method be applied to?
While the Hire - Train - Place method can be versatile, at Aastratech we concentrate on IT staffing. We train our talents in various programming languages such as C#, React.js, Node.js, Python, Java, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Dart, PHP, TypeScript, and IoT. We also focus on frameworks and technologies including .NET, Flutter, Django, React.js, Angular.js, FastAPI, Flask, Kivy, Xamarin, MAUI, Cloud Computing, AWS, Android Native, and React Native.
6. How does Aastratech ensure successful integration of placed candidates into the client’s organization?
Aastratech provides continuous support and monitoring even after placement to ensure a smooth integration. We work closely with clients to address any issues that may arise and make necessary adjustments to ensure the candidate’s success within the organization.